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Charter a Crewed Motor Boat in Croatia

Chartering with Skipper

Skippered motor boat charting comes between bareboat and full crew charting. If you or any of your friends dont have skippering licence and you dont want full crew on your boat then chartering with skipper is a option for you. Professional skipper possesses a vast knowledge and experience in sailing techniques, maneuvers, route planning and onboard safety. Skippers are usually chosen not only for their sailing experience but also for their local knowledge about the sailing destination and „people skills“. Good skipper usualy knows all the local places you should visit, good restaurants and bars to eat in and all other knowledge about the area you are in. In other words, skipper not only navigates your motor boat, but also is a great tourist guide.

Chartering with full Crew

Charter a Crewed Sailboat for a perfect holiday. By choosing a crewed charter, you get the full crew who will navigate, sail and prepare the beverages and meals for you. It is a perfect holiday, free from hassles and stress. Meals they prepare meet your taste and reflect the local cuisine. You are also free to decide on the itinerary and the crew will take you wherever you want. They also take care of your safety and your comfort, but you must not treat them like servants. There is no sailing experience required for you, so you just sit back and enjoy your motor yacht sailing vacation. Note that crewed charter yachts tend to be more luxurious giving you the feeling of absolute luxury as you sail the open seas and the coastline of Croatia.