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Catamaran Charter Croatia

Catamaran Charter in Croatia

Why Charter a Catamaran in Croatia?

Croatian charter catamarans are very popular with sailors due to their great stability, space on the boat and significant safety. They can be sail or engine-powered, with two engines, one in each hull.

Charter catamarans are popular in Croatia because they can be maneuvered easily and can anchor in very shallow waters abounding on the Adriatic coast. They are spacious which allows for more privacy. Their panoramic view from the cockpit is spectacular.

Catamarans are a great choice if you get sea sick - their stability will make you feel at home. Also, your plates and glasses will always be safe - there is no fear the boat will heel more than 5 degrees.


Charter Catamaran brands

Most Popular Charter Catamaran Brands

The most popular charter catamaran brands in a Croatia Yacht Charter are:

Lagoon - French company and a very popular brand. The most popular charter models range from 38'-45' feet in length (up to 67'). Lagoon catamarans are more designed for the charter business, where they can fit 4 cabins onboard for 4 couples.

Fountaine Pajot - a French company offering a size range from 36'-65' feet in length. Also a hugely popular charter catamaran brand.

Nautitech - one of the most popular French brands. Fast, elegant easy to navigate, the catamarans vary from 36'-49' feet in length. Wonderful panoramic views from the cockpit.

More Sailing Catamaran Yachts

We have prepared dedicated web pages for those of you who would like to find out more about Catamarans for Charter, their types and sizes, and the reasons why chartering a catamaran is a good option and what benefits it offers to the charterers. There, you will also find useful tips on how to select an ideal charter catamaran for your holidays, as well as some advice on how to sail it. Lastly, you may choose to read a bit more about the most popular destinations to visit with a Catamaran, and, of course, enjoy some attractive photos of these beauties.